Things I’m Thinking About In Healthcare

I’m trying something slightly different content wise. I’ll be writing a continuing series on passing observations/analysis about different parts of the healthcare industry. These will be shorter posts and more “stream of conciousness” style to help me solidify my own thoughts by forcing myself to articulate them as well as start discussions with others who might be thinking along similar lines and help me mold these thoughts and opinions while they’re still forming. This will also help to see how my perspective about certain parts of the industry change (or don’t) over time. All-in-all, this is somewhat experimental, so bare with me (and feel free to shoot me thoughts about it)! This page will be updated as more parts are put up.

Part 1: Two-Way Advocates, Healthcare and CPG, Value-Based Care “Native” Businesses, Health Info Is Over Guarded, Areas I See Opportunity

Part 2: Inefficiencies of Human Docs, Tech As A Tool vs. Tech As A Priority, Healthcare Needs Normal CAC/LTV, Beating EMRs, Healthcare’s In Group and Out Group

If these thoughts resonate with any of you, feel free to reach out to me on twitter @nikillinit