My One Bag

After seeing the /r/onebag subreddit earlier this week I wanted to show my one bag. I’ve been traveling with one bag since November 2016. In that time I’ve been to Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, and Thailand.

My one bag has evolved a lot over the many months of traveling, the biggest change of course is the season. I started in Berlin Germany and it was COLD. But now that it has warmed up in Europe, I have left my cold weather gear with family in the states.

Now I spend about half of my time in Norway with my girlfriend and then travel outside Schengen area the other half of the time. I do this to comply with the 90/180 rule but also to simply explore and see more of the world.

Tomorrow I fly from Norway to Morocco for 3 weeks. I’ll be working (i’m a “digital nomad”) and exploring the country with my girlfriend. I’ve never been anywhere in Africa and I’m sure my bag will evolve during this trip alone due to the climate.


My Timbuk2 Aviator bag

The bag is a Timbuk2 Aviator. I’m loving how much I can fit in the bag. I selected this bag because I wanted something that would fit closer and flatter instead sticking out.

I’m surprised how well it has held up through all these travels. I purchased it around July of 2016 when I realized I wanted to explore the world with one bag.


Bag contents inside organization bags
Organization bags opened
Digital nomad setup

I’ve added links to items I could find or I think are worth it. No referral links.


  • 3x t-shirts (cotton mostly, trying to move away from cotton)
  • 3x pairs of socks (some sort of wool blend)
  • 3x sports style underwear (not cotton) (also not pictured, in the wash!)
  • 1x swim/board shorts
  • 2x buttoned shirts (sadly cotton right now)
  • 1x North face jacket





Thanks for checking out my one bag! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or in a message. Later I’ll write about how I prepped to one bag and what I’m think about changing about my one bag setup.