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Nienke Helder designs tools for women recovering from sexual trauma

Sexual abuse can completely deteriorate a person. It can do lasting damage to a person’s sexuality and lead to self-destructive behaviour. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nienke Helder has designed a set of sensory objects that can be used to rehabilitate women affected by sexual abuse.

“Sexual Healing” is designed to help women who are suffering from trauma-induced sexual problems, the designer worked with medical experts and women in recovery to develop a set of five objects which invite users to discover their own sexual pleasure. The objects also allow the users to take their time and slowly start exploring their own bodies, rehabilitating themselves at a pace their comfortable with. It was also important to design a way that enables them to invite their partner to the healing process.

I wanted to share this article as sexual abuse is a serious matter and I was in admiration to see a designer take a different approach to help the victims of sexual abuse rehabilitate from a potentially life shattering situation, in a relaxed and calming positive way. Working together — designer and medical experts — they collaborated and combined their knowledge to design the best outcome of objects.

Google-owned smart spoon will counteract unwanted hand movements

Liftware Level, the new eating utensil is intended to assist people with uncontrolled hand movements. On one end of the utensil is a strap which can be attached to the user’s hand to prevent dropping.

The bit on the other end is where the Level helps users avoid spilling their food by recognising the orientation of their hands and then actively counterbalancing their movements by contorting its flexible structure. According to Liftware, using the Level’s smart tech it is possible to reduce tremor-related spillages by more than 70 percent.

I feel as though people, even myself, take the things we are able to do in life for granted. There are many people in the world who can’t even feed themselves. Hand tremors make eating a chaotic and stressful process, however being fed can be humiliating and demoralising. Designers have created a smart spoon that will completely change these people’s lives, giving them confidence and independence. I find designing objects to help improve a person’s life inspiring.

Minimalist Design Is Taking Over: Here’s Why

Everywhere you turn, another designer is releasing a project featuring a minimalist design style. This focus on space, simplicity and beautiful typography is refreshing. And it’s a great option for a number of design projects. That might be one of the reasons minimalist design is so popular.

This article gives you an insight into the history of minimalism, today’s examples of it, practical applications, the benefits, and advice on how to design minimally.

Minimalism is a style of design which has been around for a long time, but appears throughout as its style is timeless. I wanted to share this article as minimalism design is a style every designer should be aware of.

Minimalism is about a return to the basics of contrast, space, organization, color, dominant visual and typography.

The advice in this article is very useful, giving you tips on how you can effectively use your design elements/principles.

top or bottom? google’s CEO vows to resolve the cheeseburger emoji debate

The debate started on Saturday October 28, after Thomas Baekdal, posted about the difference between the placement of cheese in the emojis of both Google and Apple.

“I think we need to have a discussion about how Google’s burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while apple puts it on top.”

In his response to the viral online debate, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, addressed that he will be giving the issue priority above everything else today.

This debate was so humorous and trivial and brought together many people who shared their analysis and opinions of the situation. However, I feel this shows the importance of design and how a change so small and minor will still be noticed.

NIKE flyknit technology patent once again legally challenged by Adidas

First put on the market in February 2012, NIKE flyknit, consisting of a knitted shoe body, has adorned many of their following designs and is said to have brought in over $1 billion USD since. Later that same year, Adidas ‘primeknit’ entered the fray, whilst appealing that swoosh’s technology wasn’t inventive enough to secure a patent.

NIKE had patented a style which Adidas stated was not inventive enough to secure a patent. This brings up the controversy of what makes a design patentable? Adidas stipulated that anyone with a few years of experience in the footwear industry would know and use knitting to create shoes.

I feel as though Adidas stipulation makes sense, however, NIKE’s concept came first and deserves the patent. Instead of releasing the same style of product, Adidas could have taken the opportunity to think of their own original concept. The best design is unique and original.

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