[A comic-style storyboard with scenes of technical ML content and human-machine interactions]

Picturing the systems we build within the systems we live

Machine learning is gradient-descending its way into more and more places, and with its arrival comes both increasing demand for skilled ML practitioners and increasingly disruptive challenges to the basic assumptions we hold about our society. The truth is, ML is fast becoming too deeply integrated into our world to keep engineering and ethical concerns separate from each other, and to survive the wave it’s creating we’re going to need a workforce that is acutely aware of how its work ripples through the surrounding world. Where better to start increasing this awareness than the classroom?

This spring I co-taught the…

A pure JS+WebGL implementation of the canvas 2D API

We are excited to announce we’re bringing support for the web’s 2D canvas API to Expo with the npm package ‘expo-2d-context’, a pure-JS art library that can be run on top of both Expo Graphics and a browser WebGL context.

This library strikes a nice balance between a simple no-fuss way to throw some shapes on the screen and a complex toolset for diehard graphics hackers, and is perfect for generative code art or a fledgling programmer’s first video game. …

Naomi Alterman

CS educator and freelancer, visual artist, garlic witch. Hides in her cave at https://www.nlalterman.com

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