Close To You

….On the day that you were born, the angels came together and decided to create a dream come true…
‘Lil Nay Nay Napping Between Snax

It was the late 70’s and my earliest memories are filled with AM radio soft hits. I’m sure many of which were sung to me while I slept soundly in my crib.

My oldest sister Carmen was a talented musician who was born with a song in her heart. Her love of music, of people and life in general influenced so much of my life. When I was born, she had already moved out of the house and into the “big city.” I would look forward to her visits when she’d carry in her guitar for impromptu jam sessions. My sister and I would scurry to the living room as soon as we heard the case pop open.

Our screechy little voices hit almost every note on the scale while her golden pipes held the melody. One song that transcends them all is “Close to You” by The Carpenters. The reason? My sister Carmen’s voice could easily be mistaken for Karen Carpenter’s.

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