Incognito Bandito

#lilnaynay #corduroyonpoint

I don’t remember this day, but I sure as hell wish I did. It looks like this kid was having a helluva time.

I’m assuming I was in disguise for national security reasons. Or, maybe hiding from the IRS? There is a state-of-the-art escape pod with fully functional rotary phone parked right behind me. I must have been thrilled to escape the clutches of Reaganomics.

*GASP* Was I an assassin? That would have been the perfect cover. It’s obvious since I was caught in the middle of my kung-fu dragon claw move. There’s also indication of a struggle in the background — clothes strewn, plastic covering on the floor…

I also could have been doing stand-up comedy and waving away my fans. It WAS the early 80’s, the era of Eddie Murphy. That must have been it — making my own name in the game. Working late nights at El Charro while slangin’ jokes.

On second thought, maybe not. Mom would never let me stay out that late.

Maybe, just maybe, I was a little kid in the 80’s hamming it up. That’s always a possibility, right?