Discover the IoT solution used by the Special Olympics athletes

Over 7000 athletes from +160 countries joined the Special Olympics in the UAE earlier this month.

To increase their safety during their stay, each of them was provided by a Sigfox tracker upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

This tracker relies on Wifi geolocation, with a fallback on pure network-based geolocation using Sigfox Atlas

Wifi geolocation ?

Wifi geolocation is the more efficient way to monitor a position while moving in indoor or urban environments. Another advantage is the low energy consumption compared to GLONASS based solutions such as GPS.

When designing the solution for this event in the UAE, Wifi was quickly identified as the best geolocation method: Athletes would spend most of their time indoors (hotels, malls, transports, training facilities..), and when outdoor would always be in proximity of wifi hotspots.

Based on this assessment, iWire(Sigfox Operator in the UAE) quickly acted to improve the service around all identified points of interest :

  • Densified Sigfox coverage around hotels and training facilities all over the UAE. Most events were taking place in Abu Dhabi, but athletes were hosted all across the country
  • Construction of a private database of the Wifi hotspots deployed during the event, to complement the existing public database.

In partnership with Here, Sigfox is offering a service providing this information is a very simple way, using the MAC adresses of the nearest Wifi hotspots.

Designed by the Sigfox IoT Agency, the solution was built and deployed in record times to be available on time for the event. Feedback about the operation will soon be shared publicly. Stay tuned !