People are experimenting with Sigfox all across the world. Now.

Sigfox network activity (DevKits only) for Oct 9–15 2017

This map is a snapshot of development kits communicating over the Sigfox network during one week (Oct 09–15 2017).

Fact is that most development/evaluation boards are used a few times before ending in a drawer.They are not commercial devices expected to be active for months, let along years.

Seeing activity in close to 30 countries in a single random week impressed me. Even more knowing that some of our partners (especially US based such as mcThings) solutions are not properly flagged as devkits yet (mea culpa).

I’ve been busy building our Developer Programs for over 2 years now with Cédric, Anthony & now Aurélien. I must admit I’m proud to see that the hard work is paying off.

What do you mean with «Sigfox DevKit» ?

Sigfox DevKits are solutions intended to evaluate the Sigfox service using any Sigfox Verified module.
They are either development board built by companies such as Arduino, Pycom, Thinxtra, SNOC, Libellium or Unabiz.
Or they are pure evaluation boards distributed by major Silicon Vendors such as ST Micro, Atmel/Microchip, ON Semi, …
All of them can be activated online in 2 minutes, and come with included full Sigfox service : Admiral Blue connectivity (uplink + downlink, with access to the Sigfox Cloud interface & APIs) + Atlas network-based geolocation service/

I joined Sigfox in 2015, as a Developer & Maker Evangelist. Back then our service was available in France, Spain, Netherlands & a few UK cities. As of Oct 17, it’s available in 36 countries.

And I can see people experimenting all over the place now. Not only in Europe & the US, but in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, …

This is just the beginning, and our plans are to keep on accelerating to have even nicer maps to look at within a few months.

We’re in an industry awash with fake claims and online trolls, but talk is cheap. Nothing beats facts & real service activity.

People are working and having fun building the Internet of Things right now.

If you want to join the adventure and try out Sigfox today, it’s never been easier ! Get in touch: