Keep your Language/Culture alive
shelly chao

Dear Shelly,

You made a very important observation about deficit thinking and the way different cultures are viewed by the dominant culture. The notion that diversity is dangerous to our nation is one that is shared by politicians and others in power. They spread this message in an effort to spread their own ideology and agenda. By spreading this message they ensure that they remain in control over the oppressed and marginalized people. The reality is that diversity and multiculturalism should be viewed as assets that immigrants bring to the United States. It is important for us to start naming these issues and exposing them. Only by uniting in the cause of liberation will the oppressed be able to liberate themselves and the oppressed (Freire, 1970).

Another point that resonated with me was when you mentioned the importance of the mother’s role in fostering and promoting their native language, therefore, Perez’s culture as well. I agree thatt mothers have incredible influence over their child’s identity and pride for their culture.

Thank you for sharing your insights.

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