The Love Story of Nancy & Frank, a Memoir told in a series of four books containing over 100 letters from Frank to Nancy while he served in Vietnam in 1971.

Saying goodbye to a husband/soldier going off to war is not easy. The uncertainty of what the future holds and the fear of losing the one you love is overwhelming.
Recalling this experience, nearly fifty years later, brought out unexpected deep emotions as I tried to do audio of this chapter.
Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank: Book I, Chapter 40, Our hearts Are Broken.
...My mind kept thinking, “How can I survive if something happens to him? He is my heart and soul.” Suddenly, while standing there watching his plane taxi down the runway and take flight, I stopped crying, felt a sudden warmth, and a growing strength inside me, I realized God was standing by my side reassuring me and comforting me...

Although rejected by one site, this short story was accepted by another. Never quit submitting. Rejection is a path to acceptance.

Thank you to The Writers Club/ Grey Thoughts.

A Mirror can capture beginnings and endings.

I am honored to have a story included and to announce that THE WORDSMITH, a new book of short stories about writers published by Sweetycat Press and Steve Carr is now available on Amazon.

Given the task of writing a short story where the main character is a writer, these authors let their imaginations soar. This collection explores plagiarism, the criminal underworld and wormholes. You’ll ride the rails with Cal and Petey and meet Curt’s platoon, visit Bitter Mountain, and a strange town at a sister’s funeral. Follow a psychic murder investigator, and find out the rewards of saying ‘nothing.’…

The Love Story of Nancy & Frank, a Memoir shared in a series of four books containing over 100 letters from war.
A True Love with Commitment in Marriage, Communication, Unselfishness and Sacrifice.
All four books available on Amazon at this link:
Excerpt: Time & Distance: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank: Book III
October 9, 1971
Dear Nancy,

"...I use to think if I showed you how I really felt you would take advantage of me and think of me less of a man. I thought you would think I was weak and not as a man…

In Episode 5 of The Poetics, produced by Sweetycat Press, author Wendy Vogel reads poems by Sheila Henry, Ger White, Sarah Amuche Akpu, Denise O’Hagan, Nancy Blakley Henderson/Loren Frank Henderson Jr.. This episode is co-sponsored by Sharon Frame Gay.

Nancy Lou Henderson

Born and raised in Texas, I have a very laid back way of talking and using unique dialog. Humor has always been a part of my life.

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