This article is full of baseless slander. Simple lies.

“Can any of the accusations made in this article be backed by evidence?”

If you READ it, you wouldn’t have asked. You claim to be familiar with their work,, but you don’t recognize the instances of wanting to uphold colonial institutions? You only came here to defend your master by attempting to gaslight a Black indigenous person, who quite frankly, is sick of your white shit.

Colonized non-white persons have a right to relearn and rediscover EVERY aspect of our cultures and identities OUTSIDE of the anglocentric and eurofascist lens.

“Gender identity” is not a new concept. Is just gaining attention. EVERYTHING was colonized. EVERYTHING was erased. And we have a right to practice, analyze and criticize these at OUR own discretion, without the white woman breathing down our neck. We don’t owe you our silence or cooperation.

I am a self-preservationist and I will protect my people from perceived or direct threats when they’re detected. Anyone who promotes the european binaries while attempting to hide the binaries and institutions of non-european cultures is a direct threat that should be identified.

So yeah, Meghan is threatening, but not to white men.