Marafiki (Comrades), The White Woman is Not Your Friend.

You heard me right, y’all.

White women will ALWAYS be loyal to their white man.

These pussy hat wearing, #ImWithHer bag toting, hyper-privileged co-colonizers are not your friend. In any aspect, white women are no friends to non-white womyn. They are the primary propagators of whiteness, and not just because they give birth to white babies.

White women voted for Trump.

White liberal women are becoming conservative, and “radical” white women are becoming liberal. White women are even abandoning Feminism to join nationalist movements — but that doesn’t mean we’re safe. None of this is coincidental, and none of it is shocking. These are women who praise and idolize racists like Hillary Clinton and Susan B. Anthony, to model their behavior accordingly.

A white nation protects, promotes and preserves a white woman, so it is natural for a white woman to uphold it. A white woman will never sponsor or support movements or organizations that threaten or disempower whiteness.

Historically, white women have been known to ignore the plight of non-white women, and as such, we (non-white womyn) should prioritize our struggles FIRST before even considering allying ourselves with white women’s causes. We invest a considerable amount of time, resources, and energy into looking out for a system and society created with no consent or consideration of or for our people.

There’s a reason we don’t have the progression we need so badly. Our parent’s movements weren’t as moderate as they’re being portrayed. They were radical. Our predecessors went on quests and missions for liberation. These are people who wanted REAL freedom, not sponsorship from the state. Liberals conspired with the state to pacify movements and organizations like the indigenous resistance movement, and the Black Panther Party for self defense and liberation.

White women have their votesexual freedom, and affirmative action. What did we get? Deportations and gun downs in the street.

  • We need to practice extreme skepticism when white women attempt to “join” or “promote” social movements where they aren’t the focus. One (or all) of the following will happen;
  • She will co-opt the movement. White women have a history of hijacking and co-opting movements that put a sparkle in their eye. She steals and perverts the ideals, to make it consumable to her white sisters. Often times, this leads to to falling in popularity of those movements, and the former trend becomes ignored, once again, with no problems having been solved.
  • She will attempt to pacify resisters. White women who encounter powerful movements often attempt to convince the followers of radicals that the only way they’ll be listened to, is when they have a “nicer”, “sweeter” message.
“You can’t attract flies with vinegar.” — White women
  • She will SNITCH. Even Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, so it wouldn’t be a long-shot to even assume that she went back and told the white men what “threatening” trouble makers are doing. “Radical” white women have been known to become police intelligence collectors overtime, or just to be state/agency informants and cooperates in the first place.

Whatever the case, you aren’t safe from white women’s treachery. The best thing we can do, is vet “allies”. Only trust accomplices.