Of Realities and Dreams: H.S Part 1

By the way, H.S is Home Session.

So today was an offsite situation. If you thought it would be easier getting to work on your own to get things done, you are greatly mistaken. As I said before, this is more like a dream for me and traversing this journey is more like getting to get to the top of the magical beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk. In this case, I am Jack, I want to see is up there, even though I do not know what to expect. I was not exactly clueless on what to expect on the Andela program, it only gets tougher, that’s what they said right?

I have been working on codes for the daily assignments all day and part of the weekend too. At some point the codes were not getting submitted and I was having some sort of panic overload in my system, I had to take a breather. Anyway, that was sorted and now things are working perfectly only now there’s the deadline to think about.

Being home doing the assignments is more like a test on its own with all the distractions available. What I have come to appreciate very much is the member in my team. These guys are totally supportive and helpful while at the same time very friendly regardless of the fact that we just met the other day and barely know each other. I could tell you I know one of my teammates is really good, he can play the guitar really well as well as code. Its more or less an opportunity to meet people, networking if you may, and also learning.

I forgot to mention that I learned about git just last week. It felt like walking through hell at first because in a way it barely made sense. Now though, after coaxing my brain to understand, I think , rather, I KNOW, my way around it.