The real reason this elephant chart is terrifying
Kaila Colbin

Excellent piece! The two things I think about when thinking about this issue are Universal Basic Income and co-operatives. It seems as though we’re heading to a future where there just won’t be enough jobs around for all the people, and UBI seems like a reasonable (potential) solution to that. It also seems at though people won’t even consider it until it’s already too late. Do you think it’s possible to transition to a UBI-based economy smoothly? (and should we?)

I also wonder if there should be more emphasis on co-operatives for working. Having a small number of people own a huge business seems ridiculous to me. I’d like to see more startups adopt a co-operative model of joint ownership instead of all this focus on “Founders” or “Makers” or whatever silly self-regarding title people give themselves to justify taking all the profits while everyone else responsible for a company’s success gets a pittance.

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