Rando Patreon Update
Classical Sass

okay sass, i need to whine for a little bit here. all of june has gone by and i didn’t receive more than one or two bits from you in my medium feed, usually just your name associated with a recommended piece by someone else.

here is a sad truth you have probably already figured out: the patreon system is biased in favor of people who can afford to pay every month. i am retired and must try to make it on a very tiny fixed income, thus i don’t get to read your work any more. perhaps you might remember how much i loved your writing and how there was rarely anything you posted on medium which didn’t have a recommend or feedback comments from me.

i am realistic; i know i am not important in the greater scheme of things regarding your writing. nonetheless i am sad about missing you, and i truly hope your writing efforts are yielding up exciting results for you!

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