The Life Of A 14 Year Old Teenager

Running. Just running through fields of grass playing anything that I could get my hands on.

“Could I try that mom?”

“Of course try whatever you want!”

As a boy I always tried any sport I could get my hands on. From basketball, baseball, to hockey and football. I was never forced to, it was always my choice to keep myself busy with sports.

Then school; 7 hours a day plus homework and other activities, I lost more time to play what I loved. I had to put school over my sports. “Family first, school second, sports third.”

What I Spend Most Of My Time On

Music That I Love

A genre that moves me is rap/hip hop. This motivates me to do many things depending on what kind of a song it is. It means something to me because just hearing stories of what these artist went through to get to where they are is very motivating to me personally. I like to think that if a certain rapper can get through something that bad, I get can through something I don’t like.

What I’m Doing At 9pm On A Friday Night

Things That I’m Doing On A Daily Basis

You can usually find me at the park or at the football field daily.

People I Admire

Michael Jordan

I admire Michael Jordan because he came from a middle class family, and in high school he was told he would be nobody, to the greatest basketball player the NBA has ever seen.

Steve Jobs

I admire Steve jobs because he made one simple idea of his into a multimillion dollar company. I also admire his passion to be successful and not give up.

Quote That Inspires Me

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