Thanks. I’m seeing very slow but steady gains in poetry publishing.
marjorie steele

Been writing for some time and have not sensed that. Nevertheless that’s mainly because of a dip in my own esteem and output in terms of trying new styles for writing and what have you. Not that I don’t believe you (though it may be tied up with the hope that these stories start rising to the top), but what indicators do you think point to this? And does it include short stories?

That it includes poetry seems like a positive move forward in general (I sense that I’ve been seeing more and more poetry in most places— both in bookstores and elsewhere) as I think it can speak to soul more. Of course, that doesn’t mean my instincts are right. I always thought that the short story (especially today when there is so little time to spend on reading) would have its day, but it hasn’t. Your thoughts on poetry moving forward? On other short forms of story telling?

Thanks, and look forward to seeing what you have to say!

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