Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Cory Kuklick

Come on, are you actually surprised? I mean is Rachel Maddow really the one we expect to save us? Or Bill Maher? Or anyone of that ilk or that generation? Do you really think a Phd from Oxford matters, other than connections and knowing ways to increase one’s ratings (which Maddow did because she knows there are fools who will still back her up under the rubric of unity)?

Here’s a news flash: none of the people mentioned, no one in the center, got there by tackling the real issues. If so we would not be here today. They care about ratings, so they’ll try to get ratings no matter the consequences, and they’ll try to gain respect in the eyes of the current administration. They will fall over themselves to be liked by the man in charge because they, ultimately, like power and the radiant glow of that billionaire’s light. Oh, and they care about decorum and will focus on that as well, but not the actual substance of what is being said. Hell, I’m sure they’ll also soon be willing to forgive the decorum.

To be fair, I have only watched Maddow’s show a couple times, and each time I was amazed by the deficit of information and the surplus of posturing. It was much like much TV and much that comes out of the mainstream pundit class (I was forced, in this instance to watch TV because, gasp, I was in a hotel). Okay, okay, I’ll be fair, it was a step above, but that’s really not saying much.

Still, let’s not expect people to change that much just because they’re so “shocked” at the likes of Trump.

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