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Fair points. I suppose I’m one of those people who see fairy tales as mostly rehashed expectations or morality in story form. Perhaps all stories exhibit such tendencies — and this form is certainly less problematic than others — but I find it sad that such movies resonate so well with the population.

In many ways, it reminds me of why 50 Shades of Gray did so well. And even if BB is less erotic than that movie, it still reeks of patriarchal tendencies which mean that when a monarch is out of control and abuses you, holds you hostage, you better learn to like and love him — whatever that means — and ultimately marry him ( if you’re lucky).

Any attempts to truly usurp the monarch are treated as too covered in “personality disorders” to ever work. Oh, I know, one should just let fun escapism be, but this kind of thing does reach the level of propaganda as it teaches and sets the tone for what life looks like. Note that there are plenty of lines drawn about films created, plenty more to be held, but adoring power rarely seems to be that line.

This reminds me of a film I saw, made in Dollywood, that was much more fulfilling than this BB version. I caught it on a flight, one of those unknown films one tends to see when flying cheap.

The story is much the same, except when Beauty is captured by Beast, having been taught the people’s real history by her father, she sees right through him, she knows what power likes to do to women like her and she knows it gives nothing up without a demand. Clear eyed she gains his trust then slays him. Head in hand, she goes to the village, tears down patriarchy and sets up the village under anarcho-syndicalism rule. Everyone lived happily ever after.

I wish. There was no such movie and no such flight, but wouldn’t it have been nice for a change? Thoughts?

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