Thoughts on Medium
John Battelle

Good points. I too think some branding is needed and that Medium is something positive for the future. Thing is, though, I’m not sure giving away the secret sauce is entirely wise as that leads to SEO type gaming. Maybe it leaves us writers stabbing a bit too much in the dark? I write from necessity and would claim to not care for claps, but I do, care somewhat and have moved away from writing fiction here (that rarely garners anything).

So perhaps you have a point and we should at least have Medium give us hints (more than what they gave in the past email?). I would kinda like to trust their editors completely for discovery but I think they could have a way to allow us to share better (assuming we have paltry fan bases) or have another set of diverse curators?

Hard to know how to get the last part together. And here I’m going to go off the beaten path and into something I know too little about: blockchain. Assuming, of course that one can do that for the curators who find good content? Or the creators? All right I know nothing. Someone else?

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