Asian Male Resentment in the Age of White Male Resentment
Wesley Yang

I agree with a lot of points you make, though I think the matter of defining what Asian American means (east, in this essay, I assume. South and West Asians have different battles) could help many, to include me. Nevertheless, this reminds me of a conversation (or date/meet gone bad) where one Asian man told another that the “model minority” only applies to some Asians. Refugees and others have had other issues to deal with outside the norm.

I do think the Asian voter as a group (which includes all the continent) has been better about moving the country to greener pastures and doing it via the ballot box.

Nevertheless there are rifts, as the lawsuit against Harvard shows. Go ahead and read it, if you haven’t already. It speaks to a small subsection of the Asian group that still believes in attaining something they won’t ever get, while most (given the %that vote against Trump etc) don’t.