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We read the story about a witch being thrown into the ground. A way to silence someone who had terrorized the land. Specifically they threw her into a steam vent. It cackles to this day.

The land here in Iceland is a hungry Beast and one that needs flesh. Stay on the path, the signs warn, lest you fall in. Watch out for rising witches, the signs say, lest you fall under a spell. She’s much diminished in power but is still capable of terror.

But we laughed at the signs, indicative, we thought, of a backwards people. So we danced off path and yelled the witch’s name.

That’s when I saw (and in the picture you can see it) this blue orb sparkling and rising. At first I refused to believe my eyes but as it reached for my love I yelled… screamed and we went running. Jumped in the car and off we were. In the rear view the orb didn’t seem to recede. And as I hit 100mph it suddenly disappeared.

We’re back home now, though my wife doesn’t seem the same. She’s cooking all sorts of stews and the cat and dog have kept away from her. She keeps telling me my future is short. When I ask her what she means she changes the subject.

I mean, I know I should leave, but I don’t have a reason and I still love her. After all, you have to have a reason, don’t you?

The cat and dog are missing and she keeps feeding me more than I want to eat. I’m not allowed to leave, can’t leave, really. I try to put on my shoes but then I remember there’s something to do at home. I’ve been looking up spells to counter witches

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