Burning Down The House
Gary Streeter

No one is saying the older generation is to blame for every ill and has done nothing, but in the case of the baby boomers (and we don’t mean all of them, for many worked and still work for bettering this country, but for most of those with power, and certainly the loudest of them), there’s a need to point out that they have been busy tearing down all institutions etc that they used to climb the social ladder. Therefore some vitriol directed to them would be fine, IMO (more so than blaming the youth).

Again, this isn’t to say they’re all to blame, but shouldn’t they shoulder much of it? And if they seem unwilling to learn anything from science (Climate Change etc) and act more selfish or racist than ever, why not hammer them with it, as they don’t seem to learn from reason alone.

Of course, if the Boomers did much of value, I’m willing to listen. After all, a dialogue needs to be opened, and the sooner the better.

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