Why Delegitimizing Trump is a Bad Idea
Packy McElroy

No. Though I agree with trying to change elector’s mind as being somewhat odd, your ire should not be focused on the left. Delegitimization is the purview of the right. Just note their reaction to Obama’s real mandate. Just see what they have done at every turn, to include birtherism which the current President-elect pushed until it was no longer useful. And we shouldn’t push back? Many republicans simply see Democratic voters as illegitimate. Period. Hence their move to suppress voters. Over and over. To think this ends when we act nice is beyond foolish.

You do know what birtherism is, right? The voter suppression that helped to decrease left wing voters,right? Because many on the right see it as perfectly fine. Note that lying down in 2000 when an election was stolen (read up on that, it only emboldened them) did nothing to stop them. So stop acting like some of us on the left are irrational. We see very clearly those who wish us suppressed and silent if not completely gone.

So to point out that he lost the popular vote by a large margin is not foolish, for note how easily the right thinks that 3million of our votes are illegal. Again, this doesn’t stop their side, it only emboldens them.

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