On Wars

Just saw this argument about wars and how we manage to get into them.

Can’t post my comments on the website (banned for some reason) so here is my comment:

Weren’t those against the Great War here treated as traitors and the loudest amongst them thrown in jail? That being said, it’s not surprising that almost any war has the same reaction and the same impetus behind it. Better yet, one could simply ask how many stand to benefit from war and see how loudly they call for it. It’ll happen again (hell, one could argue the slight downtick in us attacking is merely a longer term change to automated war), and the arguments against will once again be yelling in a typhoon.

That it weren’t so. Listen, I fell for this stuff in the lead up to this war. Yeah, I know (signed up and everything), so I understand how hard it is to fight against it. Even now it’s an uphill battle. And the side for war has a lot of money and thus a lot of the talent and volume. Has anyone even tried to look at how the most recent war we’ve gotten into was so easy? Why is that? Propaganda. And here’s a good article on the matter.