Pocket Full of Hope

Days come smeared and gray

God’s blessing: no fire this time

Nights after. Sharp relief. A million twinkling lights.

Work hard and trust in the Almighty
God, leaders, whatever

My pockets empty, my hopes high — fool, I.
Days still smeared gray.

Now the nights lay heavy rocks in me.
My pockets empty, my hopes still high.
Above the billboard declares:
Don’t you know the evil that lives in every human?
It eats flesh, dances, grows strong, its hopes always high.
Feed it, lest you fall victim too.

Surely there’s more? 
Work harder, ignore it all.
My pockets empty, my hopes dim.
Don’t you know that evil is in us all?
No need to blame the devil.
No need to pray to God. 
Why work yourself to the bone?

My pockets empty, my hopes low.
Days smeared gray
Nights smeared black.
Work what? Work why?
My pockets empty, my hopes gone.
Don’t pray, God is just 
the devil with good PR.
That evil just grows, but it smiles and dances now.
Time to find strength.