Political Correctness is NOT to blame

Again, in light of the loss, people are blaming everything they hate, reaffirming their own narratives. Great. But let’s be real. Leftist political correctness was not to blame for this election’s loss. It will be blamed, because it’s an attempt to circumvent the powers that be, and no one really likes that, but it is not to blame.

Again, it may annoy you, but only because it comes from the quarter of the disenfranchised. I’m not a fan of it as it only tries to be just like the powers that be, but I don’t waste my time with it as it’s minor compared to what the powers that be, those who oppress, do. Safe spaces? Yes it sounds ridiculous, but think about what Trump supporters (at his rallies at least) do. They will back it with violence, those safe spaces of theirs. You don’t believe? I was in the South. They want nothing but safe spaces (only for themselves).

Triggered by a words. Haha, stupid Marxist. But the powers that be have plenty of words to be triggered by, and again, they meet it with violence or economic costs that are too hard for most to bear. Those on the left have no such powers. Again, I was in the South (and elsewhere, too, but it’s the worst, it wears no masks in that region) and the people there are triggered by all sorts of words. Those on the right who want you to worry about this are doing so they don’t hear things they don’t want (safe spaces, remember).

Now, I’m not saying I’m for correcting people’s speech etc, but to focus on one small, mainly powerless group, is beyond silly. Indeed, we should point our energies to engaging people and teaching them about the realities of the world, but let’s not focus on what’s not important.

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