Stop Youthanizing White Men Who Behave Badly
Ezinne Ukoha

Sorry, why is Bill Maher not worthy of scorn for bringing Milo onto his show? It appears to me that until he’s willing to bring someone from a different side who spews hatred with such little concern, who is simply a child acting out, until then we shouldn’t let Maher get a pass on this free speech test of his.

Perhaps he knows what sells and that’s why he’s on TV. And I suppose and he did tell Milo to shut up. But for him to compare Milo to Hitchens was beyond the pale — this is coming from a guy who didn’t care too much for Hitchens.

One of the strengths of Mahers show is that he brings people one wouldn’t normally know to discuss or argue timely issues. We can discuss whether he manages a meaningful discussion, but he usually manages lively ones [1] With Milo he failed at that. Or am I missing something?

[1] I’m still of the mind that most setups for debates or arguments are severely lacking even today.

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