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Everyone is talking about automation these days. You have probably heard of Robotic Process Automation, Digital Transformation, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and many other tech themes. But what is the ROI of leveraging this kind of technology? Is it actually valuable, or a way for vendors like Microsoft to grow your invoice every month?

Dow Chemical as a Case Study in AI

Dow Chemical recently shared information on an automation project focused on improving tariff reporting. Dow has 150,000 shipments per year that must be classified using codes from the Harmonized System (HS). To do tariff classification, an analyst has to have an understanding of the components in the materials, the properties of the materials, regulations of the materials, and many other factors. …

One of the best ways to improve efficiency in an organization is to reduce the friction between employees and institutional knowledge. While at a glance, it seems like just having good communication is the solution, in reality, there is a lot to learn by applying some practical theory to the problem.

Learning from Just-in-time Manufacturing

Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, also known as just-in-time production or the Toyota Production System (who pioneered the approach), is a methodology aimed primarily at reducing the time to manufacture things.

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Products are manufactured as they are ordered

The efficiency of JIT comes from utilizing resources on-demand, as orders come to the firm. There is less of a chance of over producing and when demand is low, underutilized team members can be used for other tasks such as maintenance. …



Big Data in a Small World

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