Book review: The Little book of Marilyn

Old Hollywood
Jul 12 · 5 min read

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The bright and colourful cover of The Little Book of Marilyn by Michelle Morgan (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)
Inside the book details how we can be as stylish as Marilyn Monroe. Above we have her gorgeous shoes! (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)
How to do your hair like Marilyn Monroe. This tutorial by Suzie Kennedy gives you tips and the secrets behind Marilyn’s iconic bombshell look (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)
I love rare shots like that this of Marilyn relaxing while undergoing her hair and beauty routine. It really puts you in the same mood when practicing these DIYs (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)
This timeline is so great! It shows Marilyn’s constantly evolving hairstyle over her life and career. It’s so beautiful and looks marvellous with the yellow background (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)
The Little Book of Marilyn: Inspiration from the Goddess of Glam describes itself as a lifestyle guide and I couldn’t agree more (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)
Old Hollywood

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I’m Nicole and I’m blogging about my favourite era Old Hollywood this blog reviews the greatest books, actors, singers and films from the Golden Age🌟

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