Yours Retro magazine review

Issue 1 of Yours Retro magazine

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Issue 1 of Yours Retro (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

My interests are mainly Old Hollywood films, movie stars and music. Most magazines don’t write about those things, so when Yours magazine, released the first issue of their Yours Retro magazine last year, I had to buy it!

Here is a review of the latest and greatest magazine filled with nostalgia and Old Hollywood glamour, and some of the best bits from this jam packed issue of Yours Retro.

Grace Kelly on the cover and a 3 page spread in Yours Retro (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

Cover girl: Grace Kelly

The cover and images alone are breathtaking, with the brilliant use of colour and interesting layout. Gracing the cover of issue one is none other than Grace Kelly. Despite a small error regarding Grace’s age when she died, Yours Retro is courteous and gracious to her memory in the article about the Princess of Monaco.

Scandal of a Swedish sweetheart

You’ve all heard of Hollywood’s biggest scandal regarding Swedish Hollywood actress Ingrid Bergman. However Yours Retro tells it with dignity and pride rather than disgust and horror. Hollywood could be cruel and selfish, and Ingrid Bergman certainly proved she was strong, determined and much to talented to be shunned.

Double page spread of Yours Retro magazine: 10 most lingering kisses of Hollywood (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

10 most memorable screen kisses

This article was great and so much fun. Having watched all of the films, and remembering these romantic moments from the films, I could scarcely disagree with these choices. There are even 2 kiss scenes from more recent films, as this magazine isn’t just aimed at fans of the Golden Era of Hollywood.

Carry On Laughing: classic lines

Another great feature of the magazine is the nostalgia. As I’m only 19, I cannot possibly relate to the magazine when it says for example, ‘we remember when…’ Sometimes I am aware of the film or programme that the magazine reflects on, e.g. the article about the Carry On films. I’ve grown up watching and loving Carry On, and the article is about the famous and funny lines from the hilarious films.

Hedy Lamarr: The glamour queen with the looks, the brains and the secrets (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

Hedy Lamarr: beauty and brains

A highlight of the magazine is the article about Hedy Lamarr, regarded as ‘the most beautiful woman in films.’ What is refreshing about this story is that it is about Hedy’s accomplishments and achievements, both as an actress and an inventor. Your Retro gives Hedy Lamarr the credit and recognition she deserved.

Ghost singers of Hollywood

This article is filled with some great information for those who don’t know the truth behind the voices of some of the greatest movie musicals. The answer is Marni Nixon, who passed away just last year. Buy the magazine to read more.

Hollywood secrets- the truth behind the voices of classic Hollywood musicals (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

Angela Lansbury: What a dame!

This article is a lovely tribute to the living Hollywood legend that is, Dame Angela Lansbury. Finally, some recognition for this fantastic actress and singer. It’s lovely to see celebration for Angela Lansbury and her continuing legacy in cinema. What a dame indeed!

A great story about the legendary Angela Lansbury (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

Family Feud

Eveyone loves a bit of family drama, especially sibling rivalry. No other Hollywood sisters could compete with Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine, for being actresses competing with success. This is wonderful in celebration of Olivia De Havilland’s 101st birthday on July 1 2017.

The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley double page (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

Worthy mentions- 3 pages of Elvis Presley, Katharine Hepburn: the mistress, Hollywood pin-up Steve McQueen, The Birth of the Bikini and Fifties’ sweet (remembering the chocolates, sweets and treats of the 1950s)

Hollywood pin-up Steve McQueen (Photo by Nicole Sherwood)

So if you want to learn more about your favourite Old Hollywood stars, or remember the classic films, music and television of the past, get your hands on Yours Retro. And for more, expect my review of the next issues to follow soon!

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