1–800-NELSONBLING is a creative project Nelson has been working on for fun. Nelson loves creating during his spare time. It puts a smile on his face seeing others enjoy his works of art.

On October 26, 2015 Drake released the music video for his hit single Hotline Bling which broke the internet. Numerous amounts of memes (pitcures, gifs, and videos) were generated from the video. Nelson being a very curious individual, decided to learn how to make these Drake gifs to share with his friends, family, and the internet.

Some of the Hotline Bling Dance Memes that went viral across the internet.

Nelson went onto youtube and did some research online on how to make gifs, and within minutes his first gif was made (see below).

Drake making an affinity diagram.

That same night Nelson came up with the idea to replace Drake’s face with one of his friend’s face and make the gif to match their personality (see below). He then shared his creation within his friend’s Facebook group chat and everyone had a good chuckle.

One of his friend who is “the gym rate everyone loves to hate.”

Nelson then decided to make one for all his friends in the Facebook group chat and the fun began! However, there was a slight problem… After making all these gifs Nelson didn’t want to just send them over his Facebook group chat (that’s boring!!!!!!!), he needed to find a medium to showcase these gifs. Then a light bulb appeared on his head which was to make a montage. The video was too short and lacked the WOW factor. Nelson wasn’t happy with the product and went back to the drawing board.

Nelson came up with a much better idea and a dilemma occurred again (“another one” — DJ Khaled). No one outside of his friends knew he was working on this creative project and he needed to generate some buzz. He wanted to showcase his work to not only people he knows, but his friend’s and families’ network as well. So he decided to come up with a campaign to get his work out there to be seen.

TL,DR (Too Long, Don’t Read)

Below is the video and social media campaign leading up to 1–800-NELSONBLING set to release on April 1st, 2016

Instagram marketing campaign.

Strategy: Introduce people to knowledge about video by creating buzz among friend’s social media.

  • Sustained curiosity with daily Instagram posts
  • Funny content to catch audience’s attention (using a shoe as a telephone)
  • Easy call to action tagging everyone’s Instagram account into the post
Trailer One
Trailer Two
Trailer Three


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