Album review

Strictly 4 My Fans is G Herbo’s latest album. The album dropped November 26, 2016. The first track “Strictly 4 My Fans” is the intro to Herb’s upcoming tape with the same name. The song is basically giving his fans thanks for being his number 1 supporters from day one. The second song of the album is called “Gutta”. To G Herbo “The Gutta” is referred to the hood. The song features an up-tempo fluid flow, G Herbo describes life on the streets of Chicago. He lets us know how hard it is to become anything from where he lived, as opportunities were scarce, and people typically think poorly of people from “the hood.” The following song “crazy” consist of the same thing. He spreads a message that explains what he saw in the hoods of chicago. One of my favorite songs throughout the whole album is “Pull Up”. Pull up is a blend of hardcore “gangster” music and slow love music. “Pull up” is a classic in which G Herbo describes sexual experiences with a young girl he knows. This song appeals to all ages.

These are the 4 songs that were the most appealing to me. I suggest this album to any age above 14.

Jacie cuevas