day 2

I might be a little cranky today but, I have to say this, how long does it take for a post to be posted on medium? As if noticing today in the morning that the post I had published yesterday was not published, this is the second post that am writing because the first post was not published!

Let’s forget medium. Finally I had access to slack, which means I could communicate with my facilitator and my fellow team members. I thought today's milestones would be easy, but I was wrong. I took more than an hour to figure out why I was getting a simple error! This cost me, I had to install and uninstall python severally because I had upgraded to python 3.6 from 3.5.I kept on uninstalling python 3.6 because for some strange reason I knew it was the problem. I had not had any issues while setting up flask with python 3.5.

I posted my issue on slack and from their comments, I figured out it was because I had not set necessary path variables for python.Anyway ,who would have thought about that if they had a deadline and an unpredictable internet connect!