Remote learning Bootcamp

Ever heard of the African saying that whoever starts first does not necessarily finish first.This is my experience with challenge 1 submission.I ensured that I had finished most of the major miles stones by the time I went to bed on Sunday night,that meant going to bed on Monday morning at 4 am.

Monday being Monday had its own challenges that I had not foreseen.First I thought I would not be able to make to for the group meeting video call,but miraculously I was able to join the video call for about 30 mins.For the rest 40 or so minutes I had to ask my instructor to repeat what she had just said because my internet connection was so poor.All that said,my video call meeting was not good.

If that was not enough,I had not joined slack because I had not received the invite.This made my instructor to contact me on my cell phone to inquire about that,this shows how supportive andela is.

Phews!Am so ready for challenge 2,without Monday blues