“I’m doing good”. What does that even mean? “Doing good.” Bleh! I just read a tweet from the LA Times saying that Lamar Odoom was improving & doing good. Dude just came out of a coma caused by a drug overdose yet “he’s doing good.” Sigh

For me doing good always reminds me of my parents and the moral upbringing they insisted on giving me: do good & good will follow you.

“Do good” consisted of deferring to others & being averse to anything that resembled ambition (no matter how deserving one was of that ambition). Eventually you realize that doing good is not doing you much good. Yet, I’m doing good.

There’s a constant friction in my life between making sure my life choices satisfy my parents & doing good for myself. Last year was really terrible: against their wishes I moved out of home. I had to come crawling back because I didn’t have a well thought-out plan to achieve my dreams. Now however I’m more mature about achieving my dreams because subversion wins over mindless rebellion any day. It also helps that I have a loving partner and my AWD family. I still don’t have it figured out but I’m doing good.

Doing good. I haven’t received a check in months & don’t even know my bank account number. If doing good means financial success then I’m definitely not doing good.

Thankfully I figure that as long as I’m alive then I’m doing good. Sigh

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