Nick Serio, A Guy That Runs

Nick Serio is a senior at Prospect High School who is very involved with cross country and plays trombone in the marching band. We have been friends for many years so when I sat down with him to ask him some questions, I expected to hear everything I already knew about him. However, I ended up receiving a new perspective on an old friend. Our interview began with me asking him if he ever dreamt of becoming famous. After laughing at the question, he responded with, “uhm… I’m gonna say no… cause I don’t like the attention. It would be nice to have a lot of money though.” This made sense, because Nick was never the guy to be fighting for anyone’s attention. Our next question was how would he define a perfect day. Nick thought for a minute then said, “ I get to sleep in… I get to eat three meals plus some snacks of course uhhhhhh… I get to chill, I have no work to do aaaaaannnd I dunno.” This surprised me. If I had asked anyone else what a perfect day would be, I would get a range of answers from winning the lottery to getting a promotion at work. But instead, he just wants to eat and sleep. Now this is not laziness by any means. When asked if he had a hunch how he would die, he immediately answered that he would probably die while out running. I was astounded once again when I asked him his most desired superpower. He quickly responded to the question, “I would want… to be able to fly because then… I wouldn’t have to worry about transportation.” I was so surprised about this answer that I sat there and looked at him for a couple seconds. Not because he would want to fly because lets face it, who doesn’t want to fly, but because of his reason. He wasn’t interested in super powers to help save lives. All he wanted to do was go places faster. One of the final questions I asked Nick was what he values most in a friendship. He was surprised by this suddenly deep and personal question but he thought about it quietly. After about half a minute of silence he responded almost in a whisper, “ What do I value most in a friendship?……… having fun.” This is when I made a realization. Nick is just a guy. All he wants to do is go to school, run, and play trombone. He has no secrets to hide. No ill intent towards anyone. He is just a simple guy, and that is what makes him a great friend.