I support responsible handgun ownership.

Agreed with you jelenawoehr on everything except your frustration over the robot used in Dallas. The robot itself has no intelligence of its own; it’s simply a remote controlled machine with a human operator on the other end. Think of it as another layer of protection. Finally, this was a bomb disposal robot- something that was built to save lives, not to kill. But even though it was used to take a life, it indeed fulfilled its purpose as it kept human lives out of harms way.

Let’s not forget that the man who was killed using this method had already killed 5 police officers and injured 9 others. Complaints about autopsy and a fair trial are not relevant in this context as this guy was a clear and present threat to everyone in the area and clearly would not be stopping until he was either dead or otherwise incapacitated. Saying otherwise is honestly insulting to the victims, their families, and the rest of the folks risking their lives that day who had to make tough decisions.

Now, regarding militarization of law enforcement, I believe that yes this is a problem, and yes police forces shouldn’t be handed surplus military equipment as some are currently, but who’s fault is it really? American cops have a reputation for being quick on the draw and perhaps a bit trigger-happy. But the trigger-happy folks are the most poorly trained cops. Fact is, most American cops are well trained on how to handle situations that can turn deadly at any moment. If they suspect you have a weapon, they draw. If they suspect you’re taking out a weapon, they fire, and it’s usually not just once or twice- it’s 6, 7, 8 shots. Point is, guns are not a threat to be taken lightly and if law enforcement has good reason to suspect that their lives are in immediate danger, they are not to take any chances.

So if police aren’t trained to kill unless their lives are in immediate danger, why are their so many police shootings? Why does it seem like police departments everywhere are gearing up for war? We’ve come full-circle here. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that guns are so prevalent in the US and the fact that a cop can’t even do a simple traffic stop these days without worrying if he’ll eat a bullet while approaching the driver’s window.

Anyhow, thanks for your post. Even though I disagreed on one point, writing this response really got me thinking.

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