Hey, I like the idea.
Asten Mies

Hey Asten thanks for checking this project out. I tried to split packages by use case. If you had two separate repos for server and client, you would import ooth in one and ooth-client in the other. If you only want people to log in with facebook, you would import ooth-facebook and not ooth-google or ooth-local. If you don’t use react there is no reason to import the stuff in ooth-client-react, and if you don’t use next there is no reason to import the stuff in ooth-client-react-next.

This way you just need to npm install what you need. A bit like you can just import single lodash functions or passport strategies, or for react you have separate react, react-dom, prop-types and so on.

In principle one could put everything together in one package, or create a wrapper package that provides everything— the question is: what would be the advantages of that, or why would it be more attractive, in your opinion?

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