Arunoda Susiripala

Tempting, but not going there.

In a year there will be the next new fancy abstraction layer, and we’ll have to figure out ways to migrate away from next.js (and you’ll feel the deja vu if you have tried to migrate away from meteor, sad you can’t keep the good parts like the accounts system and pubsub). All the nice next.js features could have been programmed in a way that still allows you to own the code, start the whole program with “node index.js” instead of some magical “next” command, and switch parts when a better approach comes out (and it will).

Someone here has written “just another boilerplate” as if it were something bad. In reality I believe a boilerplate is better than a framework, because you still own the code afterwards. We should put more effort into systematizing how we build boilerplates, for example with scaffolding tools like yeoman.

Update: I believe I’ve been unfair to this project, here’s an update.

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