A Key Step Towards Building A Socially Responsible Company

Back in 2012 when I was starting Awl & Sundry, I remember asking myself “what kind of company I want to build?” and my response was “a socially responsible one.” At that point, I didn’t really know what it meant in its true sense. I had some ideas and concepts that would define a “socially responsible company”: allocating a certain number of work hours every month for volunteering at our favorite non-profit organizations, incorporating meditation into our daily lives to promote a healthier state of mind and a happier work environment, giving away free products for fundraising at charity events etc . As the company and I grew, this concept developed into much more than the above things….

Starting January 1st 2016 for every custom pair of Awl & Sundry purchased through our website, YOU will be helping educate a child in need

We recently partnered with a non profit organization called Care For Children to educate underprivileged kids in rural India. Care For Children was started in 1981 with 30 students by humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The organization provides holistic education that addresses the mental, physical and emotional development of every child. In addition to education curriculum they teach yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to their 44,078 students through their 422 schools across India. Moreover they also educate the students on social responsibility and cultural awareness.

All Care For Children programs provides FREE education which includes stationary, meals, uniforms, transportation and regular medical care to families from the lowest income categories in rural, tribal and urban slum areas. Many of these children are first in their family to ever receive an education! In tribal areas, the average household income is as low as $100 per year!

Care for Children also uses the schools to provide adult education, voter registration, organic farming and vocational training for women and girls.

Awl & Sundry will donate $40 to Care For Children for every custom pair purchased through our website. This covers all educational expenses including food, books, transportation, stationary and medical expenses for a child in need.

Success Stories

I am very excited to begin the New Year with this initiative and I am hoping you'll join me in crossing off the simplest, most enjoyable and fulfilling resolution of the New Year. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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