The English Premier League is one of the most, if not the most, popular soccer leagues in the world. This year in the English Premier League, a team named Arsenal is near the top of the standings. The article, Alexis Sanchez urged to sign new Arsenal deal by Charlie Nicholas, discusses why Arsenal’s star player, Alexis Sanchez, should sign with his current club. There are rumors that a Chinese Super League club has offered him £400,000 ($504,900) a week. You can read a brief article explaining more here. That is a ridiculously large amount of money, however the article argues that he should stay with Arsenal anyways. The article then uses several different quotes. The first quote states how Alexis Sanchez has already had an amazing career, so he does not need a new journey to the Chinese Super League. The next quote explains how he thrives to be a top player with a top team. Because of that, he does not believe Sanchez will want to leave. Another quote states that if he is already happy, he should just sign the deal, and by doing so Sanchez can make more money in other ways. The next quote looks at the situation from Arsenal’s point of view. He says that Arsenal does not need to spend a ridiculous amount. Therefore, they are saying not to spend an outrageous amount of money on Sanchez. In another article, they believe they should make Alexis Sanchez captain of Arsenal. This is something Arsenal can offer Sanchez without spending a ridiculous amount of money, and Sanchez deserves it. Another quote discusses how Sanchez is in no trouble financially. He says that he will be fine with money for the rest of his life already. He is insisting that he does not leave Arsenal for more money. Next, a quote discusses how a former Player of Chelsea, which is a club also in the English Premier League, left to play in China. Ramires left at age 28 because he wanted the money. The final quote talks about how Ramires leaving was a mistake and Sanchez leaving would be even worse. He then states how much fun it is to watch Alexis Sanchez play in the English Premier League and that he hopes he does not leave.