Man’s Best Friend Deserves the Best Food

Any dog owner can relate to the struggle of finding the best dog food for his or her beloved pet. Having three dogs myself, I’m always keeping their best interest in mind when I decide what to feed them. I want to keep them around for as long as possible, just as any other pet owner does. Finding the best food means a happy, healthy, long lifetime for man’s best friend. In this commercial, Iams is selling dog food. But Iams goes beyond the sale of simple dog food in this advertisement. Iams effectively promotes a healthy, life-long friend for consumers of their dog food with an appeal to the need to nurture.

The commercial begins with a little boy calling to his puppy, Duck. The puppy bounds after the little boy, struggling at first to get his small body up into the car. The music in the background sets an uplifting and happy mood. This beginning scene, with its overload of cuteness, immediately tugs on the heartstrings of the viewers. The commercial continues, showing both the boy and the dog repeatedly running across the lawn as they grow older together in life. The last scene depicts Duck, with gray areas of fur across his face, still able to get into the car and go on adventures with his best friend, despite the fact that he is very old. Throughout the different stages of life together, Iams is showing that the boy is caring for Duck by feeding him Iams. Duck is the boy’s partner in crime, and they enjoy life together because Duck is getting the nutrition that he needs from Iams.

In addition, the commercial hits home with its appeal to need to nurture by strategically ending the music with a certain phrase as well as word choice. The song ends the scene with the older versions of Duck and the boy with the words, “I’ll always be with you”. These words appeal the viewer’s desire to nurture his pet because it portrays the idea that Iams insures that your beloved dog will be with you for a long time. Their food keeps the dog healthy which leads to a long and full life. The add wraps up by showing a puppy, a middle-aged, and an elderly version of Duck eating Iams. The ending phrases that the commercial uses are, “Iams. The ideal nutrition to keep your dog healthy and active in every stage of life” and, “So you can always look forward to what’s next”. Iams is promising that their food is the perfect solution to providing the best care for your dog throughout all stages of life. Owners can look forward to many years of happiness with their pets because they choose Iams.

Overall, this ad uses the appeal to need to nurture in a powerful way. Dog owners want to give their dogs the best possible care so that these pets can be a part of a lifetime of memories. Iams implies that their food gives dogs the nutrition they need so owners feel assured that they are providing the best care possible for their four-legged friends. Dog food purchasers want to create an experience similar to the story of Duck and the little boy growing up happy and healthy over the years with their own dogs. By using Iams, owners can make this commercial a reality with their own pets. Iams effectively uses this advertising to draw the buyer to their products. In order to have a healthy, happy dog, the buyer must buy Iams.

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