Shift TV Dollars Into Digital!!!

Ever heard the phrase “shift TV dollars into digital?

YES, should be the answer, if you’re in any way professionally related to any media/advertising company.

Well, it’s about to happen in 2017, according to fresh projections from eMarketer for the US market.

Why is this shift relevant? Because of one small fact: money follows people!

In a nutshell, everyone knows that in recent years audiences have shifted to digital, increasing time-spent online. However, ad spending as not followed that movement accordingly, creating an opportunity gap valued by KPCB at $25 billion +, in the US market alone. More on KPCB’s Mary Meeker 2015 Internet Trends report here.

What will then shift?

Digital Ad Spending to Surpass TV Next Year.
By 2020, TV’s share of ad spending will drop below one-third

According to eMarketer, in 2017 TV ad spending will total $72.01 billion, and total digital ad spending will equal $77.37 billion, weighing respectively 35.8% and 38.4%of total media ad spending in the US. Keeping with the trend, by 2020 TV ad spending’s share will drop to a record low of 32.9%

Not surprisingly, mobile will continue to drive growth within overall digital ad spending, with mobile ad spending in the US in 2017 totalling $52.76 billion, then representing 26.2% of total media ad spending in the US.

As consumers continue to increase engagement with mobile devices for daily activities and content consumption, marketers will further integrate all marketing activities — including advertising — to the mobile category

However, this shift will not happen with tradicional digital ad metrics like impressions and clicks, which are not safe, performant and engaging enough for brand marketers to shift more TV dollars into digital.

What is the solution? The solution is TIME: time-based metrics like WebSpectator’s Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS), currently leading the Time & Attention digital advertising space.

The GTS is a Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited metric that measures and trades effective brand exposure with digital audiences — 5, 10, 15, 20 or more seconds — 100% guaranteed!

The word is already out and the $25 billion + opportunity will quickly be captured by brand budget dollars on display & mobile using time-based metrics.

Are you ready for it?