“Go experience a new experience”

In a team of five fresh faced Masters students, we were given the task to experience something none of us have ever done before. The brief — experience something from the users perspective.

Filled with coffee, we began jotting down our ideas. Blackpool, crazy golf, zorbing, pet-a-pig, rock climbing, archery, ghost tours, drag shows, whisky tasting, build a bear, the list went on.

Experience brainstorming at Foundation Coffee

Finally deciding we would book a Breakout room, a themed escape room filled with riddles and puzzles. The theme — a crazy scientists lab where we would be exposed to a deadly virus if we didn’t make it out in time (imaginary of course).

The timer began and so had my Breakout experience. Searching the room to find any clues or keys that could bring us a step closer to escape.

There was highs and lows throughout the hour. Teamwork and working on our own individual missions. Communication and a plan was key in this situation and unfortunately we just about managed to communicate with one another successfully.

“Remember the Sandstorm” that was something that none of us wanted to experience again. There were points throughout where we pulled together as a team helping one another. However, too many hands just make things messy.

Time was closing in and we were still missing a single key, stopping us from getting the last clue and the code to escape. Having a mad dash around the room, we thought we had exhausted all our options and the timer hit 00:00. We hadn’t escaped.

My takeaway from the Breakout challenge. Divide and conquer.

Oh and make a plan.