This is not cocaine nor chemtrail, this is water in the form of ice crystals (CO2 is invisible).

It’s important to say that there is no perfect calculation method because there are too many parameters to take into account, such as the weather which can drastically influence plane fuel consumption and some parameters, that we can’t predict like the lifespan of a car for example.

However, what is important is the order of magnitude in order to compare and reduce our carbon footprint. All coefficients used in our app are from Ducky and Ademe. is an open-source mobile application for iOS and Android. …

I got the idea to make a Kickstarter for app back in June 2019. Here is what happen after that.

It quickly started in October with a Kickstarter, ending one month later in November 2019 after being 100% funded. The video was filmed a month before the start and Anthony and I did around 50 versions of the app design. To give you an idea on how things have changed, the first design of the app had dark mode enabled by default.

Here is out campaign on Kickstarter in case you have miss it!

🔥 Calculate and compensate your CO2 emissions

Protesters in Germany

Week after week, Greta Thunberg is becoming a real icon of the ecological movement. Like Sweden, her country, she’s perceived as very involved in the defense of the environment. But did they really deserve to be seen as Eco-friendly ?

Did they deserve to be seen as Eco-friendly ?

A great taste for the interior decoration, a legendary coffee consumption, a pronounced passion for babies… Sweden is well-known for a lot of things and more and more for being one of the most ecological countries in the world. So, the fact that the new ecological leader activist, Greta Thunberg, is a Swedish student is not surprising. Unfortunately, the flood…

Understand and reduce your carbon footprint 🌱 🌍

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