Nico’s American Identity

I was born on the 14th of September in 1999. I have always had a passion for sports of all kind but mostly soccer. This past couple of years I have gone to many camps to play with kids from around the US. Ihave made many friends by doing this ranging from places nearby like Michigan and Wisconsin all the way to places like Florida. I always have a ball at my feet and I don’t what I would do without that. My parents are always so supportive at anything I’ve dine or wanted to do, they are with me through thick and thin. My family is the best one anyone could ask for they take me on vacation and always care for me. In my life I have made many friends who I care much about. I have one small group of friends who are very close to me some I have known and have been friends with for over 10 years. Lastly, I am very interested in finding new places and taking pictures and videos capturing as much as I can so I can go back in a couple of years and hopefully remember that feeling of what I saw.

I like this song because the way I interpret it is it tells about someone who has gone through a tough time and even though things are amazing right now they want people to know what they had to go through and how hard they had to work to get there.

This is me finishing this project.

I want to push myself to play soccer at as high of a level as I can.

Our government makes me feel very safe.

Everyone around me is very patriotic.

We are known for our large amounts of food.

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