Wind and Whiskey

Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland, and Dublin, Ireland. 2016.

Let me just preface this by saying that the UK and Ireland are places that I have been waiting to visit since I started travelling, so I had some pretty high expectations. That being said, they were nothing short of amazing.

I started off in Glasgow, where I went past my stop on the train and had to loop back while embarrassingly explaining to the ticket checker that despite being a place that speaks my native language, I wasn’t paying any attention and missed my stop. But, once I got myself sorted, I managed to make my way downtown, and it was so much more beautiful than I could have expected.

By the way, the street art in Scotland is soooo much better than in Canada. Like by a mile.

I found my way to a lighthouse in the middle of downtown and decided it would be worth it to climb to the top (also because it was free, so why not?). The view was spectacular. Even with the wooden floor shaking below because of all the wind, I spent at least 20 minutes just taking in the sights that I saw, and looking over the city.

(Side note: beautiful accents all around)

I also found myself wandering in to a pretty famous whiskey bar, called The Pot Still. I knew I had found a place that I would enjoy when I saw that the uniform was a t shirt that said I <3 Whiskey, and that the bartender had dyed his beard green, and that there was 100s of different kinds of whiskey from wall to wall. I spent two hours trying whi

The next morning, I set off to explore Edinburgh, where my first stop would be Arthur’s Seat (basically just a giant hiking hill thing in the middle of the city). This place. Oouuffff. It was so beautiful. I spent at least 2 hours (if not more) exploring it. Once I had decided that two hours was plenty, I set off to go and see the Edinburgh Castle, to quickly find out that entry to the Castle would be closer to 40$ CAD, and promptly turned around and went back up to the other side of Arthur’s seat.

I ended up wandering through the streets of Edinburgh for the rest of the day (another 2 hours of hiking later), and stopped in a pub for some beer while I waited out the rain.

By Friday, my bags were packed and I was on the go. It was time to go to Dublin! I checked in to my hostel, which had a wicked awesome social vibe (it is only slightly quieter than a party hostel). The people were amazing, and I met a bunch of cool girls from USC!

I spent my first day wandering around Dublin, since my hostel was in such a good location and most notable things were within a 10–15 min walk.

This includes: Trinity College, Ha’Penny bridge, different merchant streets, Temple Bar, and many more. Dublin and its corridors and alleyways and streets are so cool. I don’t know what it was about this city, but it’s vibes were totally meshing well with mine!


Ireland’s whiskey is phenomenal.

One last early morning and I was off to the Cliffs of Moher. After many hours of sleeping on a bus, I got to hike around these cliffs for a few hours. It was totally worth it despite the wind and rain.

Scotland and Ireland did not disappoint one bit, even if there were high expectations of them from the start.