Uhhhhh… what evidence of misery is there?
Curtis Blackwell

The Westboro Baptist Church is an ever-diminishing group of inbred nutters, and resorting to using them as an example is tantamount to bringing up Hitler. Godwin’s Law, and all that.

Yes, actually, she jumped from one dumb guy to rapistseverywhere! in a hot second.

Yes, some guy whose twitter handle is clearly hyperbolic and satirical made some truly stupid rape comments.

The problem is that her over-the-top, profanity-laden rhetoric about the poor silly sap who made the “smile” comment diminishes her outrage over truly egregious commentary she experienced on Twitter. And then, when she doubled down on her hissy-fit every time anyone dared not to march in lockstep with her and her so-called feminist hashtag activist SJW buddies on Twitter, she diminished both men and women further.

Now she’s ramping up her hypocrisy times a thousand by doing the same thing she claims the “smile” guy did to her — she’s insisting that others act and think in a certain way. Hmm.

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